Hello from Japan! I’m Maya, member of Masallure. ●Partner Masa and I are preparing to start a new ●旅行のbusiness based in Kyoto.

We travel by Masa’s motorcycle and shoot Japanese traditional art crafts, take the master’s interview videos. We will release those videos one by one from 2020.

In the meantime, we are offering support on selling traditional art crafts, distributor, tour to visit those workshop and lot to come. 

Our passion is:
★We want to bring you to the workshop and show you how the Japanese traditional art crafts are made.
★We want you to feel how much the masters are devoting themselves on each crafts with full of passion.
★Enjoy the luxury, and delighted by obtaining the treasure in front of the masters.
★Share the attractiveness and excitement to the world by using English.
★Through our tour, provide cultural talking to know Japan in cultural wise deeper and unforgettable scenery with special experience of Japan.

We are made acutely aware of how spacious, and how plentyful this country is by studying for certificate. 

In fact, we do not know everything yet. Our curiosity and gredily drive us to learn and study more.

Thank you so much for reading this Blog, feel free to drop your comments.